Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week Seven

I found chapter ten really interesting, for several reasons. A key point it highlighted was how much the public views public relations to rely on the media, and vice versa, and how correct that assumption is. It also highlighted the changing nature of media relations in present society and how, like public relations, it has become much more complex. The power of the media was also emphasised, although I think that is something that we have already come to recognise.

The history of various aspects of the Australian media that were outlined was also quite interesting as well as the summation of points of newsworthiness. Something I took out of the reading which I had previously not considered was how public relations practitioners must become familiar with all the styles of the media, as well as the people who work in it and the way the work is completed.

The two readings about presentations and group work were very helpful, especially as my debate is the first week. There were several great pointers that I picked up and have used in preparation for my presentation. Although the two texts repeated each other several times, it was fascinating to note how important group work and oral presentations are beyond the education system. A key point was that in almost every job, you will need to work well in a group to achieve results and you must be able to confidentally speak, or present your case in front of groups of people. It was also a great point that no matter how many people in your group, everyone brings a different ability, strength or knowledge to the table that allows positive diversity to the presentation.

My learning builds upon previous learning about public relations in that the job is so complex and there is so much a public relations practitioner needs to know. The importance of media relations to public relations just heightens how vital it is to understand all the aspects of the media and how different publics relate to different media organisations. I have begun to wonder whether there is anything a public relations practitioner doesn't need know in order to be successful at what they do?


Jo said...

I agree with what you said about the two presentation and speaking articles being fairly similar. I too believe that both of these texts were helpful in regards to our up and coming debates. Both texts highlighted the need to overcome nerves, interact within a group, speak effectively and ensure you have a clear aim and purpose. All of these skills i believe can not only assist us in out debates but also in our future of PR practice.

ebony said...

I thought your point about how PR practitioners need to become familiar with all media styles and journalists, interesting in that I found this point as something that I had also not considered. Your point about the importance of group work and oral presentations going beyond the education system I thought was helpful to other students as it makes us realize the importance of knowing how to speak confidently and clear for future jobs. I also liked your point about how every group member has a strength to bring to the table and your final question. I think that the knowledge of the media environment is a major component of a PR practitioner's job where a broad understanding of the media, their deadlines, journalists and media styles is vital to ensure effective and positive communication and relationships.

natalie said...

I really like the question you posed at the end of your blog. it seems that PR practitioners have so many different areas to consider and understand in doing their jobs. it also supports the point you made about how PR has become so much more complex.

ebony said...

Thank you for your comment Kelly. As I said before in my first comment, I found that you highlighted some interesting and key points, where your question at the end makes readers of your blog think and consider the question.
I do believe that the relationship between PR practitioners and journalists is two-way as both industries are reliant on one another for information and communication. My debate topic on the need to focus on media relations in PR campaigns emphasised this point as have previous readings and my semester one class of Professional Writing. All of these have helped build my learning on PR.