Monday, July 28, 2008

Kelly-PR Blog Week 2

Public Relations FAQs
Chapter 2: Public Relations Theory and Practice

In summary, the key points I learnt from this weeks reading from 'Public Relations Theory and Practice' were about the history and development of Public Relations. What I found especially interesting (having no previous knowledge in the development of PR) was that the first degree course in Public Relations was offered at Bathurst in the University now known as Charles Sturt, a place where I considered studying myself. I think reading about the history and development not only enables us as PR students to recognise where and how the practice of PR surfaced but to also appreciate how much it has changed and advanced throughout the years to proivide such opportunities that it does in Australia today.

This idea of advancement over time is another key point made in the reading, as it outlines that the development and growth of businesses in Australia, the growth of the Australian media and the development of the constructions of our society have allowed PR to 'spread its wings' in a sense, enabling PR practitioners to work in such a diverse number of areas (including media relations, marketing, crisis management.) This is an exciting fact for those like myself who are interested in finding a job in PR as it illustrates how many different areas of work we can get involved in.

The key points I learnt from 'Public Relations FAQs' was, once again, about the range of areas of PR that are available and where and how to get involved in it. I found this chapter extremely helpful in articulating a definition and image of PR in my mind that goes beyond the 'small minded' notion I had that PR merely involved advertising and communicating. I'm sure the interview answers will become a source to which I will continuously refer back to as job interviews in PR come my way.

My learning builds upon previous learning about public relations in that it is a difficult occupation to define and deeply grasp, but the work is "very interesting and fulfilling" (Danielle Morris, 'Public Relations FAQs, Page 27.)